Successful marriages are as a result of an incorporation of several components. Two of the most important ones are happiness and fulfillment. In the event that those are lacking, together with some other factors, a marriage disaster can occur.


Whereas not every marriage can be saved since some are doomed irrespective, marriage therapy works for a lot of people. Teaching the fundamental principles that are taught in counseling sessions can be of importance in saving a marriage from destruction and assist couples to get on line to a fulfilling marriage. The willingness of both individuals in the marriage to work to return the relationship is the biggest factor which drives success in marriage therapy.


There are numerous ways in which couples can create conflicts in their relationships. Also, there are very many reasons why couples look for marriage counseling. All marriages are beset with challenges at one point or the other in their relationship. Unfortunately, a lot of them do not survive them, and for that reason, they get numbered in the divorce statistics.  Get therapist dubai here!


Marriage counseling is normally sought when couples get to the point of frustration, a lot of sadness and extreme hurt in the relationship. Yet, these challenges have not come from anywhere and could have been developing for a lot of years. Yet, normally, the only time individuals look for marriage counseling is the time the relationship is already or almost broken down. If couples looked for counseling when their challenges begun, before all the layers of hurt and misunderstandings pile up, the rate of success of counseling would be greatly improved.


Everybody wants to work for happiness even though our fantasized idea of happiness is rarely experienced in the real world. A marriage relationship demands a lot of hard work. It demands from each partner suspended ego, avoidance of fixation on who is right or wrong but strive to seek compromise and get around issues so that you can solve them.



Working to save a marriage is the important thing. However, sometimes some couples insist on divorcing. Even that, those who have reached this point can be helped to soften their stand. However, even if the marriage cannot be saved, the use of marriage counselling dubai to aid the couple in divorcing amicably and transform into friends among other things can help in lessening the pain, and people get a more constructive process. At the time of dissolving the marriage, extreme emotions are likely to be experienced.